• EVERY DAY around 1,000 trees are felled for wood pulp to make paper.
  • Wood pulp demand is de-foresting the forests of the world.
  • Trees take from 25 to many hundreds of years to grow to harvestable status.
  • Trees can only be harvested once. They are killed in the process.
  • The land where the tree grew will not be productive for a minimum of 25 years 
  • The loss of forests is accompanied by loss of biodiversity. 
  • Life that not yet discovered, is being driven to extinction by clear-fell logging. 
  • In 2017 - 423.3 million metric tons of paper was consumed globally (Statistica)
  • 40% of paper is made from recycled paper.
  • 60% of paper is from “virgin” fibre – newly felled trees.

Deforestation Malawi
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